Revolutionizing the interface between bone and implants.

Prepare.  Preserve.  Fixate.


SMV Scientific specializes in the bone-implant interface and is focused on utilizing our proprietary designs to develop and manufacture orthopedic medical devices.  Our Intellectual Property applies to all areas of orthopedics including Sports, Spine, Reconstruction, Trauma, Dental and Bone Preparation applications.  The SMV Scientific difference begins with instruments designed to improve the preparation of the bone prior to implantation utilizing proprietary cutting and threading technologies.  The traditional implant/bone interface, the buttress thread, was designed for uni-planar load resistance.  The SMV Scientific implant/bone interface utilizes patented thread geometries designed to circumferentially interlock the implant to the bone and provide multi-planar load resistance.  SMV Scientific currently manufactures various types of the Bone Screw Fasteners designed for fracture fixation and sells them directly to hospitals across the U.S.